Extend your business hours of operation

Want to get your businesses going 24/7 with less  time and effort? This is made possible through IT Frontdesk’s exceptional after-hours appointment scheduler. Patient scheduling is absolutely made easy.

Phone Appointment Scheduling

Clients need not visit health care facilities personally just to set up appointments or even call within opening hours. Phone appointment scheduling can now be done anytime of the day with IT Frontdesk. It’s fully automated phone-based IVR allow you to manage your appointments with a simple dial on your phone.

  • With the assistance of our AppointmentDesk™ you can easily schedule appointments over the phone or online.
  • Clients won’t need to worry calling in on business hours because this service can accommodate their needs 24/7.
  • They can set-up appointments through the automated phone-based IVR or web-based online self-serve appointment scheduling.
  • Through the web-based admin portal, patients and physicians can schedule and view the status of their appointments in real time.
  • While clients can set appointments or add physicians as they wish, the staff on the other hand can also organize their working hours, view patient reports, and many more.
  • Our multi-line digital phone lines provide a very good voice quality and reception.
  • This can also take multiple calls at time to make sure that all clients are accommodated and quality service is provided.
  • We also offer a 24/7 customer support for client’s technical needs.
  • With the help of the Built-in speech recognition, users will have the ability to either speak naturally or press keys on their telephone keypad when making a selection.

Phone Reminder

  • With the help of ReminderDesk™, unnecessary appointment cancellations can be prevented and as well as no shows.
  • All reports and appointments can now be logged in one web-based portal for easier and faster access.
  • It goes in sync with the patient scheduling of AppointmentDesk™ and automatically sends a reminder days prior to an upcoming appointment, depending on the configuration and customization.
  • The reminder notifications can be sent out through an outbound phone call, SMS text message with call back feature, voicemail messages or email.
  • The web-based access can be viewed from any computer or wireless device as long as there is an internet connection.
  • One unique feauture is that, if no one picks up the message, ReminderDesk™ will automatically dial up to three alternate numbers including home, cell and work phone numbers according to the client’s preference.
  • This feauture is user-friendly and provides a very good graphical interface.

Lab Message Service

  • One of the best things that this automated service offers is that it can directly send out lab test results to clients as soon as it is available, which will lessen spike in call volume.
  • The message is recorded in your own voice using any phone/computer with a microphone for recording.
  • This has an outbound “Message Waiting” Notification Calls to let clients know as soon as lab results are ready, in order to limit incoming calls especially during business hours.
  • Messages that are sent out can be accessed by the clients 24 hours a day.
  • This also automatically keeps log time-stamped entries as soon as a patient is notified about the results, or when they have already accessed the message you’ve sent.
  • Our web based portal save actual time stamp and provide patient activity reports in detail.

All these patient scheduling features are offered with a very low monthly fee. These will also provide your clients with the quality service that they deserve. With the exceptional services that ITFrontdesk provides, you will surely get a fast return of investment in no time.

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