Short on staff to help you with your front desk needs?

Short on staff to help you with your front desk needs?

Running a clinic can be very tough. With the changing climate, pollution and unhealthy practices that people face every day, more and more people are getting sick causing them to rush to hospitals and clinics by the numbers. It’s good if your staff can cope with the number of patients that are coming in. However, if you are short on staff, it can be very difficult to handle all of the patients that are coming in  in a single day. You can add more staff if you want, but that will also cost a lot of money. Some staff may also be unreliable when there are so many clients to attend to all at once. Instead of adding more staff, you can introduce and appointment scheduling software to your system, allowing your current staff to work more efficiently and improve their performance.

How does the patient scheduling software improve your existing appointment system?

The scheduling software has a number of features that will streamline the scheduling process and take the burden off of your staff. The most notable feature is that the scheduling system is completely automated. The system can be accessed via the internet, or through phone. If a client wishes to set an appointment, he or she can access your website and access the appointment scheduling software embedded in it. From there, your client can see whether the intended time for a an appointment is available since all appointments are stored in the system database, allowing them to adjust their schedules depending on your availability. If internet access is not available, the client simply needs to call the scheduling system’s phone hotline and will be guided through the process of setting an appointment. Both internet and phone methods can be accessed at any time of the day, eliminating the need for your front desk personnel to manually take calls and manage your schedule which allows them to work on more important tasks in the clinic.

Give adequate patient support with a patient results message delivery

Aside from the appointment scheduling software, there is also an available service that informs your patients of the results of a lab test or consultation. With this service, your patient can retrieve the results of a test without having to go back to your clinic. This lessens the number of people going to the clinic, with only the patients that need consultation being the ones present in your clinic. As soon as a consultation or a lab test is finished, you can record all your patient’s necessary information and store it in the database. Once the results are in, you can record a voice message stating the findings on your patient. Once that has been uploaded, the system will immediately inform your patient thru SMS or email that the results are now available. The patient now only has to follow instructions, after which the voice message containing the results will be played back.

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