Extend your business hours of operation

Are you running a clinic or maybe a medical laboratory? If so, then I am sure you cater to a lot of clients every day, and it may reach hundreds at certain times. Are there instances where you cannot cater to all of them in a single day? All those clients that were not served can be lost transactions, but extending your staff’s business hours is impossible, or very costly. However, there is a way for you to improve your patient scheduling system, allowing your clients to make appointments and set schedules even after your clinic or laboratory has closed for the day.

Patient Scheduling thru the Internet or thru Phone

There are companies that provide software which allow your customers to set appointments for consultation at any time of the day. The scheduling software can set appointments thru the internet. A client simply needs to go to your website, look for the link for schedules and appointments, and just follow the simple and intuitive process to finalize the consultation. If your client has no internet access, an appointment can still be set thru phone. A client only needs to call a phone number that the service provides. A voice prompt will then guide your client thru the steps in order to make an appointment. Since this patient scheduling system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a client can set a schedule even in the wee hours of the morning. And since the system is automated and all schedules are updated in real time, your client will instantly know when you are available, allowing them to set schedules accordingly.

Not Just Limited to Patient Scheduling

There are other services and software that are offered which can complement the already excellent and useful scheduling software. These extra software can make availing of your services like medical consultation and medical laboratory testing very easy for your clients. Aside from patient scheduling, there are also other software that can sends out a phone reminder to your clients, as well as inform them of the availability of their lab results. Once an appointment has been made using the scheduling system, all the details of the appointment, including the time, date, and place are stored in the system’s database. Depending on your preferences, the system will remind your client of the appointment that has been set a few days prior. Input about the reminder is also asked from your client, ensuring that they have received the message. This lessens the likelihood that a client will not show up on the set date. Aside from patient scheduling or client reminders, the system can also inform clients of the availability of their lab results. After registering their contact information prior to undergoing a lab test, a client can be informed thru phone or email that their lab results are ready. They can then call the service number and retrieve their lab results without having to go back to the laboratory.

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