Automate your front desk needs

Setting up schedules and appointments can become very confusing. There can be hundreds of people who will want to set up a meeting or an appointment that it can be very difficult to keep track. Having this task done by you personally, or even your secretary can make things even more tedious to do. Plus, arranging your schedules and reservations manually can be prone to errors and conflicts, which can dissatisfy your potential clients and customers, and you can potentially lose thousands of dollars because of it. However, there is an online service that can provide you with great scheduling software that can streamline appointments and schedules, making your business more efficient and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Web Based Scheduling Software and Other Features

For your scheduling needs, AppointmentDesk is the best software for you. This software has a number of features that will greatly improve the scheduling and appointment setting process of your business. One of the most notable qualities of this system is that it is fully automated, leaving very little room for conflicts, since human error is eliminated. This system is available 24 hours a day, so your clients can set appointments at any time of their convenience. This scheduling software can be accessed in two ways: first is thru the internet. Your clients can visit a website provided by the system, then set schedules from there. For the not so tech savvy clients, they can still set an appointment thru phone. All data regarding schedules is updated in real time, so your customers will instantly know if their intended time for an appointment is taken, allowing them to reschedule right away.

It Doesn’t Stop With Just Phone or Web Based Scheduling

There are many areas of your business that can be streamlined, not just in appointment and schedule setting. Along with the intuitive and reliable scheduling software, there are other software that can vastly improve your business. The other services include:

ReminderDesk is an add on to AppointmentDesk which reminds your clients of any appointment that they have set with you. Clients can be reminded thru SMS, phone calls, or emails making sure that the reminders will reach your client.

BroadcastDesk allows you to send messages, whether via SMS, email, or recorded voice messages, to hundreds or even thousands of clients all at once. Inform them of special offers, or of new products or services that you have available.

If you are organizing and event or offering training sessions, you can use ReservationDesk to make the reservation process a lot easier for your clients.

If your business involves medications and lab results, there are also software for you. LabResultsDesk informs your customers that their lab results are already available, which they can access via phone. MedicationReminder desk on the other hand, reminds your clients via phone that they have medications to take at a given time.

With the efficient and reliable scheduling software plus the other automated services that you can use, even just a small staff of workers will be able to serve your clients efficiently, saving you thousands of dollars. Your clients will also appreciate how easy it is to do business with you, and can help improve your sales and profits.

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