Technology – Automated Appointment Scheduling Software

Scheduling involves multiple resources, including people, facilities and equipment, locations, and services offered by other resources over multiple blocks of time. For a particular service or activity, we evaluate the availability of these underlying resources. Then we apply the appropriate constraints based on your unique business.

The scheduling process needs to be simple for both your staff and customers. Take a look at our product. You will appreciate our simplicity and easy user interface. It can handle the most complex scenarios.

ITFrontDesk takes advantage of the phone, Internet, SMS text and social media to give users the ability to participate in transactions from anywhere in the world at any time using any device. There is no software for your customers or staff to install because all our products are a browser-based application that runs on the Web. Our state-of-the art Interactive Voice Response (IVR) hardware and software allows your customers to do their transactions over the phone just as their front desk staff would normally do.

Our Open Standards-Based Technology

Our software is an open, standards-based technology. Our products use the Java – J2EE platform. Our browser-based client web application uses up-to-date technology that can include programming languages like Perl, Python, Java, Spring framework, Hibernate, AJAX, CSS, and XML to deliver an attractive and responsive user interface.

Our IVR system uses state- of- the- art telephony hardware and analog/digital interface voice boards with scalability from 2 to 1920 telephone ports. Our IVR system handles both Analog POTS (landline phones) and VoIP SIP phone lines.


Security is our maximum concern for every client. We use industry-standard security practices in our applications, including SSL encryption for secure browser access, the configurable use of strong passwords and password policies, encryption of sensitive information in the database, and audit trail logging of security-related operations.

Technology Overview

  • Platform Independent open source java J2EE technology
  • In-house hosted Enterprise servers protected by multiple firewalls for online and IVR application
  • State of the art telephony hardware for IVR solutions
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Our professionals are all Sun©, Java© and Oracle© certified

HIPAA Compliance

Our products are all fully HIPAA compliant. All sensitive patient information is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption and user logins that only privileged users can access.