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Send Reminders Fast and Efficiently with Our Appointment Reminder Software

Everyone needs a reminder now and then. This is especially true when it comes to keeping important appointments. No matter what type of business you may have, if you schedule meetings, counseling, reservations, or any other type of appointment you could really utilize software that sends out reminders instead of using an employee to call and give reminders. Let us introduce you to our appointment reminder software ReminderDesk. Our software allows you to use multiple campaigns and use specific messages for each specific group. You could use one for normal appointment reminders, and another for office closings due to inclement weather, annual check-ups, or even birthday wishes. Using our software gives you the ability to reach thousands of people in a very short amount of time.

Enjoy the Use of Many Different Reminder Application Interfaces

You may be familiar with the traditional reminder call that other vendors offer, their system calls patients or customers and plays a voice message that’s fixed. A lot of times those types of calls are called spam calls and are met with a fast hang-up. When you use our software it incorporates anti-spam technology that includes displaying a business name and caller ID. We fully customize your message per your request including the name, time and date of an appointment, address and location information, what service can be expected, and pre-appointment requisites. Today we have incorporated many other interfaces including text appointment reminders, as well. You can trust us to fully leverage the potential of automated appointment reminders for your company within multiple interfaces such as VoIP, emails, and push notifications all incorporated into ReminderDesk.

Choose from Any of Our Innovative Reminder Interfaces:

  • Inbound Call Notification
  • Phone Reminders
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Text Reminders
  • Text Reminder Confirmation
  • Email Reminders
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Notification

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Using the traditional Robo calls that many vendors offer, the system calls your customers or patients and plays a fixed voice message . Many people consider these as spam calls and simply hang up. Our software incorporates anti-spam technologies that include displaying your Caller ID and Business Name. Also we customize the message per your needs, including name, date & time of an appointment, location & address information, what service will be delivered, and any pre-appointment requisites. Gone are the days where people used phones as their only mode of communication. The arrival of Smartphones, push notifications, VoIP, and emails has changed all that. To fully leverage the true potential of automated appointment reminders, we incorporate multiple interfaces into ReminderDesk.

Phone Reminders

A high quality, human-recorded voice. ReminderDesk can handle 1 to 200 calls at the same time.

Inbound Call Notification

For those who have missed calls, ReminderDesk offers the option to accept inbound calls and play a notification message.

Appointment Confirmation

ReminderDesk allows your customers to press certain keys to confirm an appointment or request rescheduling.

Text Reminders

We send out text notification with your custom message. Length over 160 characters is sent multiple text messages.


Text Reminder Confirmation

2-way SMS Text Notification allows your customers to reply back with a confirmation or a request for a call back.

Email Reminders

Email notification is sent along with a link or buttons to confirm an appointment. You can customize the look and feel of email notification with graphics and your own logo. You can also attach PDF documents.

Push Notification

Push notifications go to any Smartphone users who have authorized receipt of push notifications.

Social Media Notification

Just post messages to your social media outlets with one click inside our admin portal. Social Media Notification can also mass notify all your social media followers/fans who are customers.

Key Features

  • 2-way phone, 2-way text, 2-way email notifications, push notifications, and social media notification
  • Automatic phone type look-up of landline or mobile number
  • Multi-lingual voice, text, and email notification
  • Multiple concurrent calls speed message delivery
  • Optional call transfer to a live agent
  • 256-bit Industry standard encryption, so your data stays safe
  • Fully customizable messages include name, appt date & time, location, address, directions and service info
  • Color coded icons display attempts made, live notification status, and customer input
  • Run multiple campaigns for multiple groups with just the click of a button
  • A Do-Not-Call registry
  • Easy file upload options
  • 24/7 support via phone, text, email, online tickets, or live chat
  • No annual contract – just monthly billing
  • Lowest price guaranteed

How it works?

Simply upload your export file to our Cloud on our admin site. We accept a wide variety of file formats, including CSV, Excel, TXT, PDF, XML and JSON. Our system sorts patient / customer details like name, landline phone, mobile phone, and email and automatically sends notifications via outbound phone calls, detects answering machines and even can leave a different message, SMS text, email and/or push notifications.

Want a custom solutions for your agency/organization?

We have done lot of customization for many of our clients. Feel free to talk with our sales team to learn more about our products and how our solutions can fit in to your organization and what custom changes we can make it to work.