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Make Your Events Flow Smoothly with Automated Event Reservation Software

Are you ready to make your next event flow even more smoothly? One of the hardest things to keep up with for an event is the reservations. With an automated event reservation system all of the worry can be handled by a system that does the work for you. We offer you our automated ReservationDesk system. We give you the ability to allow people to make multiple reservations anywhere from one to one thousand reservations per timeslot. Our event registration software is typically used for capacity and seat-based events where there are a certain number of seats open for a specific date and time.

Leverage Your Business’ True Potential with Our Multiple Interfaces

We offer a comprehensive online-based event scheduler that is the perfect solution for your event reservation requirements. Our system is fully automated and can give you the leverage your need to become truly self-service no matter what type of interface you prefer. We offer IVR phone scheduler software with easy-to-use menu options that can handle up to 2000 callers. Perhaps you prefer an online scheduler that’s user-friendly with an intuitive design. Our software gives you complete control including access for your administrator and front desk staff. We work hard to ensure that your event registration runs efficiently and is very easy to use with our responsive designs. We’ll even provide you with the custom URL you need for your personal website via a button or link. Let us help you streamline your reservation process with ease.

Our Event Scheduling Software Is Perfect for the Following Events:

  • Test Administration for Professional Institutions and Colleges
  • Human Resource Department Job Application Sessions
  • Corporate Training, Webinars, and Meetings
  • Sessions and Classes for Training, Education, Therapy, and Counseling
  • Group Events for Community Action Agencies
  • Trade Shows, Transportation Sectors, Guided Tours, and Tour Operators

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Event Scheduler Software

Although few vendors do offer an online-based event scheduler, none provide a comprehensive solution. We fully automate the event reservation process and leverage the true potential of self-service reservations and provide multiple interfaces for our product.

IVR Phone Scheduler

A high-quality, human recorded voice with easy-to-understand menu options and navigation can handle 1 to 2000 callers at any one given time. So you’ll get no more busy tones!

Online Scheduler

User friendly and intuitive design allows your customers to book a reservation with just a few clicks. ReservationDesk built using responsive design so that it can accessed easily from any handheld device


Your administrator or case worker can access our sophisticated admin portal easily using any Tablet or iPad connected to a data network or Wi-Fi.

Front Desk Staff

Front Desk Staff can view daily, weekly or monthly calendars and has the color coded availability to book or cancel reservations with just the click of a button.


Key Features

  • 24/7 scheduling via phone, online, or handheld devices
  • Multi-lingual
  • Expands from 2 to 2000 lines on demand
  • Optional call transfers to a live agent
  • 256-bit Industry standard encryption, so your data stays safe
  • Multiple levels of filtering (selections) and customization
  • Multiple locations and events
  • Enables/Disables any locations, events, or date/times
  • Closes/opens locations and events per your funding availability
  • Prevents duplicate appointments
  • Has 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 support via phone, text, email, online tickets, or live chat
  • No annual contract – just monthly billing
  • Lowest price guaranteed

How it works?

You can configure any number of locations and events. Then you just add the event date & time and assign a set number of seats (capacity). That’s it! Rest assured that our system will take care of all automated self-serve reservations.

Automated Event Reservation & Booking Reminders Service

IVR Phone Reservation: We provide you with your local area code phone number or toll-free number. You can forward your phone calls to our phone number when your customer opts for reservation booking, or you can publish our phone number to your customers.

Online Reservation: We will provide you with a custom URL (website) that you can publish on your own website using a link or button. If you do not have a website, you can communicate our URL to your customers.

Call Transfer to Live Agent: Your customers can press 0 at any time to transfer to a live human agent. You have the option to utilize our call center agents, or we will forward the call to your front desk staff during regular business hours. This option will be helpful for any of your customers who have a disability and/or are senior citizens.

Handheld Devices Scheduler: Our software user interface has a very responsive design. What that means is that our web pages will always fit nicely whether viewed on a small mobile phone or a large tablet or a PC.

Want a custom solutions for your agency/organization?

We have done lot of customization for many of our clients. Feel free to talk with our sales team to learn more about our products and how our solutions can fit in to your organization and what custom changes we can make it to work.