Appointment Scheduling Software for Website

Automate Your Appointment System to Become More Productive

Our product AppointmentDesk is a fully automated system that automates every single aspect of an appointment-making process to provide your company with complete efficiency. It all starts with our innovative software that is unlike any other automated appointment scheduling systems online. When you use our software you will be able to streamline the entire appointment-making process so routine tasks can be simplified. We even provide automated appointment reminder software that is efficient and allocates this specific duty so your staff is available to handle other important tasks. While our software can be used in many industries, we offer medical appointment schedule software for the medical field and patient appointment scheduling.

Transform Your Office with Self-Serve Interfaces

Just imagine the work that can be accomplished when you start using a self-serve interface via an online web interface for your business. While this type of software can save you a lot of time and money, not everyone has internet access. That’s exactly why we offer our clients many different types of interfaces so they can still reach customers and clients that don’t have access to the internet. We want to be sure you have every opportunity to use our innovative software so we have leveraged the true potential of our self-serve appointment scheduling software by offering you many different interfaces. We back all of our products up with superior customer service from knowledgeable associates ready to help you successfully use them.

Choose from a Variety of Our Interfaces for Your Appointment Desk System:

  • IVR Phone Scheduler
  • Call Center Scheduler
  • After Hours Scheduler
  • Online Appointment Scheduler
  • Mobile App Scheduler
  • SMS Text Scheduler
  • Tablet Scheduler
  • Front Desk Appointment Scheduler

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Cloud Based EMR Systems

With traditional appointment scheduling, users call your office to book their appointments. Now many vendors provide an online web interface for making self-serve appointments. Now with exploding Smartphone sales, the number of mobile apps are also increasing. Thus, vendors are offering appointment self-scheduling via mobile apps (android or iOS). Still, a large segment of the population does not have a computer, Internet access, Smartphones, the ability to use or download apps, or they simply prefer traditional calling for their appointment needs. To leverage the true potential of self-serve appointment scheduling, we also provide multiple interfaces for our AppointmentDesk system.

IVR Phone Scheduler

Our high quality, human-recorded voice has easy-to-understand menu options and easy navigation. It can handle 1 to 2000 callers at the same time at any given time. You will hear no more busy tones!

Call Center Scheduler

Our handicapped or senior citizens will have the option to transfer a call to a live ITFrontDesk call center agent or front desk staff, who can then personally assist with their appointment bookings.

After Hours Scheduler

You can extend your business hours by simply forwarding your calls to our AppointmentDesk system after hours and during weekends.

Online Scheduler

User friendly and intuitive design lets your customers book an appointment with just a few clicks. AppointmentDesk is built using a responsive design for fast and simple access from any handheld device.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are free to download and easy to use. They require only a few clicks and have easy navigation. The Mobile Apps work even without a phone or data plan (you can just use a Wi-Fi connection).

SMS Text Scheduler

Your customers can send text messages easily and book their appointments at any time. The SMS Text Scheduler is a quick and easy way to book any appointment!

Case Manager

Your administrator or case worker can easily access our sophisticated admin portal using either their Tablet or an iPad. Just connect to either a Case Manager Data network or use Wi-Fi.

Front Desk

Your Front Desk staff can view a daily, weekly or monthly calendar with color coded availability. Your Front Desk can also either book or cancel appointments with just the click of a button.

Key Features

  • 24/7 scheduling via phone, online, mobile apps
  • Multi-lingual delivery
  • Can expand from 2 – 2000 lines easily
  • Optional call transfer to a live agent
  • 256-bit Industry standard encryption, so all data will always be safe
  • Multiple levels of filtering selections and customization
  • Multiple locations, multiple providers, and multiple easy-to-use services
  • Enable/Disable any locations, providers, or services as needed
  • Close/open locations and services per your funding requirements
  • Accept customer appointment only on certain days for certain services
  • Prevents duplicate appointments
  • Configures a precise number of appointments per term or season
  • Configures the appointment window per location per service
  • Sets appointment status to custom values
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 support via phone, text, email, online tickets, or live chat
  • No annual contract – convenient monthly billing
  • Lowest price guaranteed

How it works?

IVR, Phone, Web & Mobile App Based Appointment Scheduling Software

IVR Phone Scheduler: We provide a local area code phone number or a toll-free number. Forward your phone calls to our phone number when your customer opts for appointment scheduling or publish our phone number to your customers.

Online Scheduler: We provide you with a custom URL (website) which you can publish on your own website using a link or button. If you do not have a website, you can publish our URL to your own customers.

Mobile Apps Scheduler: Your customers can download the scheduler for free from Google Play or Apple Store and install it. They will need a client code (only for the first time). We will provide you with that client code which you can publish to your customers. Your customers will have the option to elect push notification.

SMS Text Scheduler: We will provide you with a SMS phone number or short code that you can publish to your customers. It is ideal for booking quick appointments for first available date & time.

Call Transfer to Live Agent: Your customers can press 0 at any time to transfer a call to a live human agent. You also have the option to utilize our call center agents, or we can forward calls to your front desk staff during regular business hours.

Handheld Devices Scheduler: Our software user interface has a very responsive design. Web pages will fit nicely on any Handheld Device Scheduler whether viewed on a small mobile phone, large tablets, or a PC.

After Hours Scheduler: If you wish to use your existing scheduler and staff during normal working hours, but want to extend your hours of operation, just transfer the calls to our automated scheduler when you leave the office and switch it back when return. The After Hours Scheduler is both simple to use and effective. No need to have scheduling software. You will be amazed to see how many appointments are booked after hours and on weekends on our After Hours Scheduler!

Want a custom solutions for your agency/organization?

We have done lot of customization for many of our clients. Feel free to talk with our sales team to learn more about our products and how our solutions can fit in to your organization and what custom changes we can make it to work.