Products – Automated Scheduler, Reminder, Event Reservation, Message Broadcast

Product Overview

The ITFrontDesk specialty is building software products for front desk / call center automation solutions. With that success in mind, we have developed 4 flagship products (Automated Appointment Scheduling, Reminders, Event Reservation and Message Broadcast))and have a few more unique ideas still in our pipeline.

Automated Appointment Scheduling


(Automated Appointment Scheduling)

If any of the below apply to your business, our product is the right choice for you.

  • Is your staff overwhelmed by too many phone calls?
  • Does your phone always ring?
  • Do your clients get a busy signal most of the time?
  • Are you unable to deliver quality service due to constant calls?
  • Do you have only limited staff to take calls appointment scheduling, bill payments, etc?
  • Do you want to offer true 24/7 presence to all your clients?
  • Do you want to extend your hours of operation by using an after-hours call center solution?
  • Do you operate on seasonal demand and experience very high call volume on certain months/certain days?
  • Do you want to increase the productivity and retention of valued staff?
  • Do you want to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction and gain more referrals?

Our automated appointment scheduler / call center solution is fully customizable and highly intuitive. Call us today for a price quote and/or demo!
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Appointment Reminder Software


(Automated Appointment Reminders)

Reminder Desk is a must-have product if you face any of these issues:

  • Do you have a high number of No Shows?
  • Is your staff overwhelmed by making reminder phone calls?
  • Are you unable to reach your customers during regular business hours?
  • Do you want to leverage technologies like SMS text, IVR outbound calls, and mobile push notifications for your customers
  • Do you want multiple call attempts
  • Do you need to send office closure announcement due to inclement weather?
  • Do you need to run multiple campaigns with different messages for different groups?
  • Do you need confirmation of appointments from your patients or customers?
  • Do you need to remind your patients about appointment pre-requisites like fasting or taking certain medications?
  • Do you need to remind one week in advance and then again one day prior to appointments to reduce no shows?

Our appointment reminder solution can be quickly implemented using outbound phone call, SMS text and email. Call us today for a price quote and/or demo!
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Capacity / Seat based Reservation Software


(Seat/Capacity-based Event Reservations)

If you want your customers to make reservations for seat/capacity based events/sessions, Reservation Desk offers the right fit for your needs. This product differs from AppointmentDesk which is ideally suited for one-on-one meetings at a given time. If any of the needs below apply to you, this product is the solution.

  • Capacity/seat-based reservations (for example, you want to see 100 people at 9 AM)
  • Single or multiple events per day or week or month
  • Events can be assigned to multiple locations
  • Automated reservations using the IVR phone reservation system, online or smart phone mobile apps

ReservationDesk is fully customizable to meet all your needs.
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Message Broadcast


(Message Broadcast)

MessagingDesk lets you deliver secured digital voice messages to your customers and track activity, i.e., when they’ve listened to your message, how many times, etc. MessagingDesk is the right choice if you face any of the challenges below.

  • Are you frustrated with playing phone tag with your customers?
  • Do you want to free up your phone lines for inquiries from anxious customers?
  • Do you want your customers to be able to access your messages at their convenience at any time?
  • Do you need an audit trail for your message delivery to protect you from liability?
  • Do you want to mass dispatch your voice message to all active listeners?

MessagingDesk is a very sophisticated product. It includes voice recording, message notification, and a secure login to listen to a message and capture listener response.
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