7 Top Appointment Booking Apps for Skin Care Clinics in 2024

7 Top Appointment Booking Apps for Skin Care Clinics in 2024

The choice of calendars for appointments is one of the most critical factors that any skincare clinic should take into consideration. In as much as clinic appointment booking is concerned, there is an appointment booking app that can assist in managing client bookings, accepting payments, availability, and reminders. As we move into 2024, here are 7 of the best appointment booking apps for skin care clinics:

1. IT Front Desk

It Front Desk is an online scheduling system that is designed for aesthetics industry and is easy to customize.

Key features include:

– Client Profiles, Service Menus, and Employee Availability Calendaring Appointment scheduling services available online

– Converting emails and text messages into appointment notifications

– The integration of the credit card payment feature and the package offer feature

– Some of the critical advantages of solid reporting include annual revenues reporting, most popular services, client retention, and many more.

This makes itfrontdesk. com flexible, so clinics of any size can afford the services offered by the company. Also, the software has a mobile application that can be used to manage appointments when one is on the move.

Calendaring Appointment scheduling

2. BookSteam

BookSteam is an application that is developed for beauty and wellness based businesses where the business owners and their clients can schedule services that they require.

The solution includes:

– Software applications that allow clients to schedule personal appointments online.

– Applications that are used in scheduling employees and service time.

– Client files and PESTLE documents that include client details and previous appointments.

– It suggests the use of short message confirmation or email follow-ups.

– Contractor tracking for gates and revenue responsibility

Although it is slightly more costly than the other services on this list, the software does not demand much IT knowledge, which is advantageous for skin clinics.

3. Timely

Timely is a cloud-based business management software for beauty, health and wellness businesses that offers solutions to almost all the business needs all at once.

Capabilities include: 

– Booking with special rates and packages and becoming members

– We will monitor inventory and point-of-sale database at the retail level.

– This CRM includes the following aspects with tagged client profiles 

– Google sign, Facebook sign, and Instagram sign

– In addition, to support sales, the company must develop and maintain effective analytics and sales reports.

Affordable, which is excellent for clinics looking for the all-in-one option of appointment, point of sale, and client management system. Marketing also remains a crucial area where users can use Timely’s various tools to market their business.

4. Square Appointments

Square Appointments is a software for skin clinics that uses Square’s payments to help with online booking.

Benefits include:

– Included in the Square dashboard for free is an appointment scheduling software.

– Specialization and individualization in service delivery, staff, and operating hours. 

– Clients and their buying patterns in one place on the same system

– Email and/or text message notifications for confirmation and follow-ups

– Had calendars for two devices in harmony

As one of the easy-to-use Square solutions for its merchants, Square Appointments is more suitable for skin clinics with fewer and more straightforward appointments.

Square Appointments


MINDBODY is a well-known and influential platform for managing the wellness business that can be found on the market at the present moment.

Standout features consist of:

– Personal home page for booking and a mobile application with the logo of the company

– Assignment of classes and timing and scheduling of appointments

– Online marketing involves the use of emails and text to customers. 

– MINDBODY Payments Integration for payment processing

– Client details and histories, as well as retention and turnover management.

– To facilitate this, there is a need for proper reporting of critical metrics. 

However, it is relatively expensive compared to other software mentioned above. It is best suited for multiple locations and franchise skin care clinics. 

6. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling from the parent company of Square is an example of an excellent free and paid tool for online appointment setting.

Key features include:

– This opens up the possibility of having customized booking pages for your website.

– Connectivity of different devices and syncing of the calendar

– Use of auto-generated confirmations and follow-up messages

– Records of the client and any information about the client that has been documented. 

– Features that are specific to packages and classes

– Application to book and also get an update on bookings on the go

While Acuity is not as feature-rich as some of the other platforms listed here, top-shelf customer support and the lack of long-term commitments make this option a flexible choice for skin clinics that need reliable but affordable scheduling software.

7. SalonRunner

Another vital aspect that SalonRunner promotes is enhanced features that meet the beauty business’s functional elements.

Capabilities include:

– A client database is explicitly created for the clients and contains comprehensive information. 

– Contract management as well as contractor payroll records

– In the operation of products for sale in the retail shops  

– Pre-integrated report features for taxes, commissions, and revenues

– Loyalty program and gift card options

– Referral system as a way of marketing in order to obtain new clients 

However, the list of features is impressive, and this is the case with SalonRunner, which is one of the most expensive programs in this review. However, in large clinics, the end-to-end functionality will be highly beneficial as it will complete all the tasks without interruption.

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Scheduling appointments and calendar management are other key areas that are essential to the effective operation of a skincare business. As per your budget, business model, and functional essentials, the booking apps mentioned in this roundup provide effective solutions for your clinic’s needs in 2024 and beyond. It is recommended that we start with simple yet flexible interfaces of today’s platforms, such as IT Front Desk or Square Appointments to offer your clients an opportunity to arrange a convenient self-service appointment.